Tuesday, January 17, 2012

trip to Malacca-Part 1

Last year
somewhere in July i think
before Ramadhan
our company organized a trip to Malacca!
sound interesting right?
its really2 fun! our trip is 3 days and two nites..
and its full with the activities already arrange by our company..:-)
this is the first time i joined the company trip since i joined this company..
its a very good experience to be..
even doe our time is limited..but then the trip giving me so much sweet memory..
n i m planning to visit Malacca this year..insyaALLAH...

we stayed at A famosa Resort...
erm..the place is quite far from town but then its interesting place to be visit..
on the first nite we arrived Melacca we hv our annual dinner
and the theme is "Masquerade Nite".
ehehe..n for sure i m busy doing the decorating on the mask n so on..
second day at Malacca, we visit Malacca town
what a beautiful place, surrounding with historical building around us..
and for sure
Malacca is the best place to take photo.. 
we take as much as photo we can
even doe
our time is limited since that we have to follow the tourist guide schedule..
erm..i still remember our tourist guide keep on saying "TIME MANAGEMENT" please..ehehe
but then they only doing their job rit? their pay to guide us around..

the last day at Malacca we given a choice either want to go
of coz we choose Water World theme park!
since dat no water theme park yet in Kuching!
even doe i dont how to swim!ahaha! 
serious guy! i dont know how to swim!
dat y i don dare to try all the water game..
lunch break already...to be continue later k and enjoy the picture at Water Theme Park :-)

2 ♥Lovely words♥:

RaMa-RaMa Fareeza said...

wah i miss that moment....i want to swim again hehe

lalala said...

aok..ktk semua d try ktk..kmk jak sik berani mok try nok tinggi ya..