Tuesday, January 17, 2012

trip to Malacca-Part 2

as promised 
trip to Malacca Part 2
as mention on the first nite at Malacca we had dinner at A famosa Resort Restaurant..
i cant remember the restaurant name...
opss before that
we went to Malacca on Friday morning via Firefly :-)
syok nya...free holiday :)
all the air ticket and accommodation is provided by our company..
sound good rit?
n in return kenalh berhempas pulas (ayat memang power) for company..:)

fly with FIREFly
sempat juak posing lam flight...
our flight landed at KLIA
and from KLIA we went to Malacca via Bus..
erm..if i m not mistaken according to the Tourist guide from KLIA to A famosa resort take about 
2 hours but then we trapped in a hectic jammed 
and safely arrived A famosa resort at late afternoon
the journey supposed to be 2 hours become 4 hours
their is an road accident on our way to A famosa..
otw to A famosa :)
act we already know who is our roomate since that 
we already choose the partner before we went to Malacca..
during check in
we are given a door gift from our company..
sungguh syiok..
we get new T-shirt, traveling bag and water flask.
door gift
and after check in me and fareeza rushing for our dinner..
erm..sinca that i know nothing about make up
we have to refer to yg lebih pakar,
which is kak moon..
after take bath me and fareeza when to kak moon's room
our dinner theme is masquerade nite.
most of our colleague from Kuching
order the mask from me
ehehe..i made the custom made mask..
but then for myself i made simple one..
the mask

not much on accessories..huhu

my favorite black dress
me and fareeza trying our mask on :)
  erm...the dinner start at 7.00pm and yet 6.30pm we haven't ready..huhu
at last, we made it on time.. 
we are ready...fareeza n kak moon..
erm...i was nominated as top 5 for Queen of The Night
its was quite ashamed when
my face is showed during the nomination..
and for the finalist we need to do some "dance"
oh no! ahaha
ok lah..
almost 5.30 already..
balik time..
hey u!
yes u!
what? me?
ya u...
where is your photo during that nite?
sorry lupa..
so enjoy the pictures..

where is my mask?
erm..sweet kan?(fuh..perasan)
 will update more on the part 3 k..
my boss already jeling2 me sudah..
back to work..
act kemas barang untuk balit..ho yeah!

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