Monday, February 27, 2012

i feel so bad

its monday
i m trying my best to come to the office today
even doe i m not ready to work today
in term of emotional n physically..
but then i force my self..
coz i love my work so damn much..

i feel so bad bad..

last weekend i busy with Bio-Borneo 
Exhibition 2012..
which held at Pullman Hotel..
saya rasa saya jumpa seorang blogger
muka nya mcm familiar..
the way nya tgk saya pun mcm kenal saya..
erm..i read one of nya pun entry this morning..
n if dia adalah org itu...
thanks for reminding me...
n saya terima teguran kamu in term of positive way
n for sure,
my attention is not like wat u wrote..
its ok..that is ur point of view...
i should respect u..
as u already respect me..
k..continue to work..


3 ♥Lovely words♥:

RaMa-RaMa Fareeza said...

sapo blogger ya? ;)

Jue said...

same goes here dear
this 2 days treated me badly
fingers were pointed, asking me to a black goat
guess where r in the same shoes
accept urs involved blogger =)

Hanie Dew said...

hhhmmm..hanya mampu ucap kan
bersabar ada ganjarannya.

kalau kite suke keje kite,
kite keje dengan happy kan. =)

tp kalau kite suke pun kalau stress tetap mengeluh jugak. XD