Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Get glued to your seat, tagging your friends and playing Milo Fuze Jam-Pack through Facebook! Make sure the personality fits. And win yourself prizes worth up to RM40,000!! And remember, Milo Fuze is all you would need for all those addictive Jam-Pack sessions! Quick share it with your friends as contest ends on 9th March.

Head over to this link & you can play the #MiloFuzeJamPack game. You would be the few lucky ones to walk away with prizes like iPad or even an iPhone. Cool or what!  


4 ♥Lovely words♥:

sahromnasrudin said...


salam singgah dan folo blog ini..

semoga tuan belog ceria selalu ya

miss Fida said...

sahromnasrudin: Waalaikumussalam...thnaks for following me...semoga awak sihat dan ceria selalu..salam perkenalan dr tuan blog...;)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ms Fida, good luck....will look forward hear you win the big one!
Have a nice day. Lee.

KHRLHSYM said...

menang 40k jangan lupa i tau :P