Sunday, January 2, 2011

before and after 2011 - Part 2

hi..sambung lagi cerita kita
after comes from karaoke..
i reach home about 10 minute b4 8
all my family member is at home..
my mum say that she and my sister
already go to my uncle house
OMG! they went there without inform me!
i text my cousin next door..sis eza..
i told her that i went with her to my cousin's house
then i m taking bath, iron baju kurung, make up and so on 
within 20 minit time!
imagine jak!
20 minit jak!
its not enough, my hair is still wet
but then still need to go..huhu..
with my "terrible" looks i went to my cousin akad nikah..
dgn sekali lafaz jak my cousin selamat d ijab kabul kan..
congratulations bg lan n kak fina....:)
sorry, i didnt take the picture..huhuhu..
i m d kind of wired bcoz i would feel uncomfortable when my hair is still wet n messy..
after mkn, we went back home earlier
because we got THE PARTY!!!!!
aktiviti kemuncak..ehehe
even doe its rain but then PARTY is still going on as plan
i enjoy my year end 2010 with my beloved family..
love it n that is the most happiest moment in my life..
enjoy the nite so much 
but then i still look like that something is missing
yes! him!
missing him so damn much and wish that i could celebrate new year with him...
erm..wish him all the best for year 2011...

4 ♥Lovely words♥:

Faizal n Fashitah said...

Kamek suka gamba nok 1st ya. Terbiut jak badan mbak posing ehehehee...


hahaha ada juak terbiut nok org atas tok..

hahah happy jak party2 tok eh...

AmirFX said...

Wasehhh.. Hepi moment bersama femili.. Rindok eh.. Nway, hepi niu year!

miss Fida said...

f n f :ahaha..adik mek bongsu ya..nya nang gya..suka nak terbiut membiut..dah tua lak selauk bdn nya..eheheh

BSI: happy..walaupun sik semua ada..tpi happening juak tamabh gik hujan..hujan rahmat kata org..ehehe

amir: rindok glak2 :)