Sunday, January 2, 2011

before and after 2011-Part 1

hi everyone!!!
happy new year 2011
i m still in the new year mood..:)
so how was the new year?
me, as usual spending my new year with my family n friend..
on the 31 Dec is my BFF's birthday (refer to this ENTRY)
act, i celebrate the birthday with HER..
i mention in that entry i wouldn't b able to celebrate with her
we already plan to make something for her..
n its happen!
ahahaha..i taught that i need to cancel the planned because my cousin cant accompany me for the plan
at the last minute my friend text me saying that she will join the plan n will pick me up
we promise to meet each other at crystal bowling BDC..
when her arrived there, she dont even notice that i was there..ahaha..
after cutting the cake n so on
we play bowling and she wins the games..huhu
after bowling, we go "mkn2" at pizza hut
after mkn2, they plan to go for a KARAOKE..
OMG! act, its almost 6.30 pm that time and
i need to attend my cousin "majlis akad nikah" after maghrib..
erm..but then no 1 want can send me back n i still want to spend time with the bday girl
n i decided to join them..
we when to WISMA SABERKAS..
karaoke! usual..i cant sing well..
i think i didnt singing i read the lyrics!ahaha
n at the same time i worried that my mum will called me because i m late!
suddenly bani called me n saying that he was at the green road
and he offer himself to send me back..yeah..
thanks bani
end with the bday celebration..:)

birthday girl..hazira
me with hazira

the bff
ahaha..kanak2 riang


makan time

 p/s: sorry if my english is broken..i m try to improve my english (1 of my 2011 resolutions...:)

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